Roof repair and ventilation – making the right choices

It is necessary to make the house cozy for living. The interior space must be designed in such a way that it assures a comfortable, healthy, and cool atmosphere during the summer and a warm and cozy environment during the winter. To make things happen, proper ventilation is essentially required. Look for experts of roof repair in San Jose for the best of services on offering. You will never repent on the choices being made if properly guided through experts of the job. The need for proper ventilation is crucial since it decreases the utility bills by a greater extent. Without proper ventilation, the danger of mould formation cannot be evaded. So make sure, the roof space is well ventilated.


Options are plenty to avail when you are looking for roof ventilation solutions. But then again, finding the right solution can always be challenging. Every house architecture has some unique properties and structural differences. So, it is necessary to have a proper inspection carried out before deciding on the right kind of ventilation for the property.


An important area to focus at is the air change calculation. But then, what exactly is air change? It is necessary to have a clear idea of this scenario.


An air change is basically the total number of times air in a room enters and exits within an hour. The higher number of air changes happens, better will be the ventilation performance and healthier the house interior will become. On an average, 10 air changes is recommended for roofs not exposed to much moisture. However, if you are residing in high moisture laden locations, more air changes are recommended. There is a formula to determine the total number of air change requirements for the roof. The formula is simple and easy to carry out. Have a look:


Measure the height of the roof. Then, use half of the measurement and then multiply it by the total roof length as well as by the roof width. Once done, you need to multiply the outcome by 10. Once done, the output you receive will indicate the minimum number of air change requirements for the roof. Discuss this figure with the roofing contractor to sort out the best possible ventilation option to be installed. It is always better to consider a mixture of passive and powered ventilation like fans and vents that offers the perfect airflow performance in most of the situations.


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